Book review- Loves Lost | Sourabh Mukherjee

Loves lost is a short storybook. It's a collection of five love-stories and can be read in a single sitting. All of the stories are penned down beautifully and the plots are nice. The language and the narration are plain and simple. This book is a good read for beginners. Mine Forever, Love came calling... Continue Reading →

Book review- Fictional truth of the Earth | S. Krishnamurthi

Fictional truth of the Earth- S. Krishnamurthi It's a very short book but it deals with lots of things like how the Earth was formed, the big bang theory, gods, religion, time machines, aliens, ghosts, and even the Illuminati. After reading the book I could see the amount of research done by the author because... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Yama| Kevin Missal

Yama is a crime thriller novel with a bit of mythological connection. A serial killer named Yama (Hindu God of death and justice) is killing people in the cruelest way possible and SI Basheer has to find the culprit as soon as possible without bending rules which is his specialty. Dhruvi Rajput, a psychotherapist, has... Continue Reading →

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