Book review: Yoga- No drama | K. Shehre Banu

Book: Yoga- No dramaWritten by: K. Shehre Banu First of all, let me appreciate the beautiful cover of this book. It is stunning and I absolutely loved it. As you can guess by the book's title and the cover that this book is all about yoga. The author has broken some very common myths about... Continue Reading →

Book review: Satta Rajas Tamas | Vivek Wagle

This is a historical, mythological, and fictional tale of kings, fight for the throne, politics, betrayal, deceit, and Dharma. King Sarthak of Manukeshwar was a brave, compassionate, and kind soul. He decides to break free of the Orthodox tradition of passing the throne to his own flesh n blood. He decides that a fair trial... Continue Reading →

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