Book review |Ashwatthama’s redemption – The rise of Dandak

Ashwatthama’s redemption – The rise of Dandak is a mythological fiction. I really enjoyed reading this book because its plot was really interesting. The book is about a mythological character Ashwatthama who was cursed by Lord Krishna after the battle of Kurukshetra. He was cursed to be immortal and sick until the end of the... Continue Reading →


Book review | From Ashes To Dreams | Rashmi Trivedi

The book From Ashes To Dreams is about a girl named Naina who once was so keen on taking her own life and now has a different perspective on life. She now respects the gift of life given to her and has come a long way to finally realize the true meaning of life. Naina... Continue Reading →

Book review | Bloody desires | Percy P S

What are the chances of a loving, devoted wife turning into a murderer? Nikhil Sharma – middle-aged, rich, successful professional is found murdered in his own bathtub in the cruelest way as possible. His neighbor Victor Mendoza, a young entrepreneur is also found stabbed several times lying in the pool of his own blood in... Continue Reading →

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